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Liberation Quotes for Africans

Why did Africa let Europe cart away millions of African's Souls from the continent to the four corners of the wind?. How could Europe lord it over a continent ten times it’s size? Why does needy Africa continue to let it’s wealth meet the needs of those outside it’s borders and then follow behind with hands outstretched for a loan of its own very wealth ? How did we arrive at this, that the best leader is the one that knows how to beg for a share of what he has already given away at the price of a broken tool? Where is the future of Africa?” Ngugi Wa Thiong’o

I applaud for this wonderful quote, It’s so touchy and tiring, a draining strength thought and question that the whole Africans supposed to ask themselves including their leaders. People would put you into sit to rule them and make their Nation great and your mission would be to dupe them make away with their resources, store it away for your children’s children. Why they leaders are being so heartless and unreasonable. The people under your care and tenure are suffering in hunger and poverty while you’re storing, bagging and saving the Nations funds for yourself and your little children abroad, enjoying and vacating overseas, going for medical check ups and relaxing in another man’s country developed by your fellow leader.

Why won’t the African leaders team up together control the Nation’s resources within their continent? Why won’t they build and supply the necessary equipments and facilities to manage and refine their own resources by themselves and on their own than giving it all away to the other Nations and then turn back to beg for that which they just gave away in a platter of gold. When will African Leaders ever wise up and save this great Nation Africa. Where are they leading African continent to and what will befall Africa if Africans keep electing and choosing bad corrupt leaders to rule them. Wise up Africans, open your eyes and be honest and love each other, stand with one voice.
Africa is blessed abundantly with natural resources, Africa is endowed with good climate weather and hardworking people YET the Africans are still living in poverty. They give away the Nation’s resources and turn around to beg other Nations for loans. Why?

Why can’t they develop our own, why can’t they stop begging and begin to boost their own economic resources?. Yet after borrowing the Nation will still remain in poverty while they(African governments) will bag the loans into their pocket and pretend nothing happened. Most African Nations like Nigeria are owing a lot from the loans they accumulated yet many people are still dying of hunger and poverty. 
Africans wise up, open your eyes and fight with one voice. Save African Nations from bad Leaders. Yes, we can do it if we love one another and fight together. Don’t support any bad corrupt politician or leaders because he or she is from your tribe or the same society as you are. Hey, it’s not just you or your people, it’s about the whole Nation, your other African or National brothers and sisters no matter the tribe or society that you are from, it’s always about the whole people, not just one particular people but the whole Africans learning to talk and fight for each other and loving one another. 

We’ll always remain one Africa, no matter the tribe, culture, language, religion nor beliefs in ancient stories and wars. This is new africa and we can behave, act and think as new Africans for the generations to come.

“If more Africans had eaten the missionaries, the continent would be in better shape”  Maya Angelou

That’s true, Missionaries and other religious homes have contributed in destroying and tearing Africa apart. Why would most preachers teach discrimination, why would they lie and deceive people in the name of religion. Africans think they are righteous and full of the fear of God in them and condemned so many development and civilizations, they forget that those religion both Christianity and Muslim were invented, they didn’t originally start from Africa.
Yes, we all believe in the same one true God whether you believe it or not, but we don’t have to believe most or everything the preachers tell you, do make use of your brain and reason. Fight for your own beliefs and don’t try to condemn another’s choice of act and living. Everyone have his or her own life and believes, don’t try to influence others in the name of righteousness. Why not use that righteousness to make a positive change. Churches are rampart these days in every corner of Africa and most fake preachers now use churches as a business, extracting money from people and giving false believes and teachings yet they are as corrupt as their leaders.
  Everyone in Africa are claiming to be righteous yet the continent is still full of corruptions and criminal activities. 

 “The darkest thing about Africa has always been our Ignorance of it” George Kimble.

Yes, many people think Africa is a bushy place that is full of monkeys, a dirty place that is full of uncivilized people, undeveloped place that it’s people are unwise and uneducated. Hell NO!!. May we see Africa as an open developed Nation that is full of smart, civilized, educated, classy people. The darkest thing about Africa is other Nation’s being ignorant of it, You heard Africa is no good place and you sit back in your comfort zone and criticize it, talk most negative things you heard that happens in it without you being sure of what you’re saying. Most White men think that Africa is a country and not a Continent. Most of them say that people live on trees in Africa, some say that Africa is full of people that live in bushes. Then I ask, why not visit Africa once and I bet you would like to visit twice. Africa is far far far from the negative things you hear about it. The White men's ignorance about Africa is what is bringing the insults on it’s indigenes. Africa is a continent with beautiful Environment and Climatic weather. There’s a lot of different kinds of interesting animals in it and African people are not the animals. Africa is full of natural resources and a lot of food. Africa has got people, people as in human beings, like every other Nation. Nation members do not live in bushes or dirty environment. These human beings drive good cars, eat good meals, live in big houses and mansions and they wear good fancy clothes and they are neat. Although, there are still poor people in Africa but Many African people are working hard and are getting rich and wealthy and that, is the part of development and civilization. Originality is the essence of true hustle.

 Africans, it’s time to be creative with our originality and it begins with your pride as an African. Creativity is earned when you know your passion and the things you like doing. Like I, Augusta, likes writing, I try to create something that would interest my readers except this particular article but I know there’s nothing wrong with me talking about something that’s unfair and to enlighten the African and European young ones about the past so I won’t write to impress or please any one, I’m simply writing the truth, what really happened to the African ancestors in the past so that the young ones will always keep the story in their mind, It’s actually educating and I myself is enjoying it. I am not writing this to entertain anyone but to teach.

Africans do study a lot and know what you can do with your brains and hands, both men and women, especially women, should start getting busy so as to be independent and be able to contribute to the society by fighting like the Amazons. Africa's greatness starts with its citizens and those that believe in the great achievements. Start with your originality, what is being used to know or identify great African, create with Passion and never stop until you become the best you can.

      “It is better we disintegrate in peace and not in pieces” Nnamdi Azikiwe
         “European Languages must not be considered diamonds displayed under a glass ball, dazzling us with their brilliance” Cheikh Anta Diop 

I read about a Black American rapper that insulted Nigerians that they can’t speak good English then I ask, is English an African mother tongue?. Africans have their own languages for Christ sake, English is a borrowed language which the colonial empires inflicted on us so it can be easy with them for communication with Africans. So why insult Africans that they can’t speak English when it is not their primary language. Americans and most other European countries have only one language which is English, every other language that exist there is borrowed. They were born with English, fed with English and grew with English so why make it seem like they are the ultimate? Besides, It’s hard to figure out if there’s any other country in African that can even speak good English than most Nigerians. 90 percent of Nigerians, In fact, 80 percent of Africans are well educated and quite intelligent and can speak English beautifully and better in big vocabularies. More than 50 percent Africans studied abroad especially in European continent. Meeting someone in Africa that can’t speak fluently does not mean others can’t. In Nigeria, they have their own pattern of speaking English, it is called Broken or Pijjing. I’m still talking about the insults on Africans, especially Nigerians, Europeans should stop the let-down and negative thoughts about Africans. You can be brilliant, smart and whatever but that does not make you(Europeans) lord or most perfect in the whole world, Even if you are, keep it at your own territory. And for Africans, English is not your language so speak it when you want or when you can, stop making other Nations to see themselves like they are better that you. Be proud of yourselves, be proud of your language, be proud of your originality and don’t let other people influence you with their own lifestyle and make you feel inferior or intimidated. Be Proud to be an African and be proud of your culture and heritage.

“ The drums of Africa still beat in my heart. They will not let me rest while there is a single Negro boy or girl without a chance to prove his or her worth” Mary McLeod Bethune.

Every young Black man or women should always have the chance to prove his or her worth. None of them deserve to be afraid to speak up for themselves or not being allowed to pursue his or her dreams. No Black man or woman should be afraid to speak out his or her own believes

We face neither East or West; We face forward” Kwame Nkrumah.

No matter how it is, Africans must always work hard for better achievements in Africa. Development is always the key to earn respect from other Nations. However,  you want to start or work, it’s all about making Africa great. Make your nation great, work on yourselves, by yourselves and for yourselves. Hard work pays a lot, so no one should be idle. Work! Work!! Work!!! Africans, discover yourselves and your talents or careers and get to work. Be busy and make yourselves useful.
“Africa has her mysteries, and even a wise man cannot understand them. But a wise man respects them” Miriam Makeba.

I love this, it’s only those that knows the worth of Africans respects them. Africa is mostly being criticized by people who have not even seen or been there before. They judge from what they heard or sometimes seen on the news and those stories that their forefathers told them about olden days Africa. They don’t know that Africa is changing rapidly with time. Yes, Africa has it’s mysteries and all but there’s a lot about Africa the whole world doesn’t know about.
   Africa is a Nation that is so huge and too deep to understand, it’s treasures are hidden and it’s beauty is yet to surface. It’s only few people that know about the beauty and endowed Africa that respects it’s greatness despite the ungodly activities that are happening in it. Africa is still a blessed great Nation and it’s only those that have been there that can testify to this.

 “Independence cannot be real if a Nation depends upon gifts” Julius Nyerere

 “Music is something I must do, business is something I need to do, and Africa is something I have to do. That’s the way it breaks down in my life” Gro Harlem Brundtland.

Who has ever noticed that Africans are full of talents especially in music industry? Even in American and European Continent, it’s Black men that are the highest in entertainment. Black men can dance real good, they are good in music, singing and full of energy, they are good in comedy, they are good in acting, they are good in every ramifications and aspects. They are hard working and intelligently brilliant. They have high self esteem and they respects other colors a lot then why won’t they be respected and be taken as equal people with their own origin and culture. Why would they be insulted by other colors when they are merely fighting for survivor and a better life for themselves. I’d rather would like to say this to Africans, if anyone gets insulted across the borders by other people, that they should retaliate and give that person the greatest insult of his or her life but I won’t yield to such gap because I’m not writing to cause or bring problem between Nations. After all, we are all one people no matter the color, aren’t we? So no other color should insult Africans or criticize them with their present situation because every other Nations including European countries are all going through those same negative activities but in lesser situation as Africans. Let’s all respect each other and let us respect  our individual colors because God knows why He made it that way.

 “We don’t mind having sanctions banning us from Europe. We are not Europeans” Robert Mugabe.

Who can be born Black and not Exult!” Mari Evans.

I am extremely Proud to be Black and I love my Motherland, I love my Originality, I love my Nation and I am Proud to be African. 

A continent that has a lot of cultures, languages, territories and kinds of people yet they still love one another.
A Nation that despite the sufferings and struggles….they still smile and entertain one another.
A Nation that other people see as poor and hungry yet they are still living healthy and strong.
A Nation that is full of criminal activities, terrorists and corruption yet they are cool and unharmed.
A Nation that is being disrespected and let-down by other Nations yet they still respects and accommodate foreigners and make them to feel at home in the Black Nation.
A Nation that is full of smart young individuals that are clever enough to get back few of the ‘things’ that were being taken away from African during the time of slavery and colonization yet they still stick to helping in developing other nations that stole from them.

Well, I’ll stop it here because I’ve proven my point that We are proud to be Africans despite the struggles and suffering.

 “Let’s face it- think of Africa, and the first images that comes in mind are of war, poverty, famine, and flies. How many of us really know anything at all about the truly great ancient African civilizations, which in their day, were just as splendid and glorious as any on the face of the Earth” Henry Louis Gates.

No one want to talk about the beauty of Africa, no one wants to talk about their gains and other good things in it and those they achieved from Africa. Everyone is only talking about the bad things that once happened in Africa and the negative acts of it’s people, They don’t want to talk about the achievement and development and discoveries in Africa. They don’t want to Talk about the African’s achievements and contributions to the world.

The Only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa, for he has so much to look forward to” Richard Mullinm

Oh yes, those that judge Africa from what they heard are simply daft. How can you say things that you didn’t see with your eyes. I always say there’s no use listening to news or reading them. Because all news are being edited before broadcast, they only give you an incomplete news and mostly don’t get the accurate happenings.
I studied mass communication and everything about news are editing, getting from other sources, cut outs and gatekeeper reporters. No news is ever complete or accurate because they give you few they know and what you want to hear. Those that have been to Africa are always enjoying the peaceful air it gives, the African people hospitality and love, the beautiful insights and the undying entertainment. Africa is lively, funny and calming. Come to Africa and know the beauty and glory of the the great modern Nation that has all kinds of individuals that you can ever think of.

As Africans, we need to share common recognition that all of us stands to lose if we fail to transform our continent” Thabo Mbeki.

I think, this is for the African leaders who have refused to help build up this great Nation. Those leaders that prefer another leaders continent to invest in and save their looted money there. Those leaders that hide the Nation's funds in an empty mansions to use in bribing during the elections. Thabo Mbeki is telling you all and any other citizen that is involved in rendering African Nation poor for them to be richer that we all stand to lose if you people fail to do your duties and build Africa and make it great for other Nation to respect and do as you do to their Nation by visiting for good hospitality and investments.
African leaders can change, it’s time to make a change and stop stealing. In as much as I blame Africans that elect these old men into offices, that’s why nothing new is happening in Africa. Why can't we choose young able men that have vision for positive modern changes and transformations. You all prefer to be ruled by old men and then every month they’ll use the Nation’s money to be visiting abroad for medication and vacations.

What is killing Africa is simply tribal indifferences, different religions and not standing with one heart. That’s why the politicians use them any how they want it to profit from the insecurities. Well, other continent's insults on Africa and it’s people including the rulers is insult on all. There are no much good doctors, too much poverty and terrorism. Everything in Africa is fake, too many fraudsters and criminal, and all these are the African leaders faults especially in Nigeria. Those insults and abuses should be referred to the leaders that have nothing good in store for the African youths. The whole Africans are being insulted as long as their leaders have refused to build a standard environment in Africa. And they all stand to lose as the leaders have failed to return it’s glory.

“Injustice is a threat to justice everywhere” Martin Luther King Jr.

That is a downfall of a Nation. When injustice is being chosen instead of justice.

 “To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you’re not, pretend you are” Muhammad Ali.

Believing in yourself is always the beginning of an achievement. Have confidence and be bold and fearless. Here, I’d recommend everyone to read Joyce Mayer’s book, She’s a great writer and an inspirator and motivator . My favorite books from her are The Confident Woman and Never Give Up. Only God knows how much I love such genius. Sometimes, I wish she’s from Africa to help change some African’s dull minds and low reasoning. 

We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society” Angela Davis.

 People would say why do I praise the African Nation and still talk about the bad side of it and the Leaders at the same time talk about other people that criticize the Nation with the same thing I said, well, there’s a saying that anything that have advantage must also have a disadvantage. The truth is that Africa is a new place that have taken itself from dark to light. There’s rapid development and it’s people are civilized and a lot of good environments are in the New Africa. BUT, the African leaders are slow in taking the great Nation to it’s full potential greatness. Most development are from individuals and some good leaders in African continent. And for Africans, liberation starts within and from them before they could liberate themselves, it’s time they stop selecting bad leaders to rule Africa. Of course, there a lot of good citizens out there that can help uplift Africa. 

Any elected leader that is not doing what he should do or not giving proper attention to the things that are lacking in Africa, should be removed and replaced by another.
Leaders are called to serve and not to steal or even enjoy when the Nation is suffering. Africans be tough and outspoken to the leaders so that they will be afraid to make mistakes. Rise against bad corrupt leaders, talk to them and make them understand that the welfare of African people should be their priority.
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