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African Cultures and Developmental Needs


When you talk about a large continent with diversity in cultures; a blessed continent with abundant resources and rich cultures you would indeed think Africa.

 Africans should take advantage of their rich cultural diversity to develop Africa instead of disvaluing their cultures.

What is culture... Culture has been defined in various forms and understanding...but we know that culture is a way of living in a particular region or community. 

Zimmerman in 2015 defined culture as "A characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habitats, music and arts"

Then the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization (UNESCO in 2016) state that Culture is " The complex whole which includes knowledge, beliefs, arts, moral, laws, customs and any other capabilities and habits acquired by (a human) as a member of a society".

Africa is a vast continent that is home to people with different beliefs and Cultures in different regions or environments. Every African has their own unique ways of living in their given territory.

With this, there are some Cultures that can contribute towards developing Africa. For example: During the olden days, there are some jobs that a whole community will team up together to do with their own supplies. The most interesting part of it is, the people would sing and dance while working together. This always help to finish up each work without delaying as people put hands together to work successfully and with one mind and in accord. But it's sad to say that this form of Culture hardly exist in this modern day.

Most African traditional and cultural Values were affected during colonization and invasion of Africa. In some cases, there are most parts in Africa where people display their Cultural talents and make progress mostly in music and movies, skit making or content creations, comedy and short dramas etc. It is great to note that while considering development strategies, Culture is a vital factor.

African Cultures in it's diversity (Cultural norms and practices) have positive effect on Africans. For this reason,  we should see our various cultures as a means of development by enhancing and promoting African Cultures in every aspects. Thereby, taking advantage of our rich Cultural diversity as means of economic development.

If other Nations can confirm that Africans are hardworking, punctual, innovative, entrepreneurial and forward-looking,  That means Africans have the strength and knowledge to uplift Africa and make it a great Continent.

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