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Women and the future

We tend to grow and adapt to our religions and societal believes and we succumb and forget about the adventures and the creativity of nature. Just because we want to be cultured and live a descent and acceptable life does not mean we should see those that decided to outgrow and expand their own knowledge and beliefs as backwards and wayward.

African societies condemn a lot of things in the name of culture and religion which prevents developments and achievements. Imagine where a 14 year old girl is forced into marriage with an 80years old man in the name of religion. Most young women nowadays find themselves in domestic violence because they grew up with the believe that marriage is the most important in a woman's life. In order not to be left out, they jump into unhealthy marriages without taking their time to know the kind of man they are ending up with.

Most young women hardly pursue their dreams or find some meaningful jobs to fix themselves up first just because they are waiting on rich men that would marry them. Some young women ignorantly end up with jobless men or men that do not have a stable income who are not financially stable. Majority  of those end up into prostitution because that's the easiest and better work they know, while there are so many expectations which awaits them.

This is 21century, young women its time to say a big NO to religious and societal misbelieves and follow your own belief towards pursuing your career dreams, achieving your goals and becoming a great woman.
Yes, marriage is necessary but what are you doing with your life while you await for the right man? What's your plan after marriage and how can you take care of your children if anything goes wrong in future do you wish to give birth to them and leave them for the streets to raise.

So many families that are perishing in poverty in Africa today are not dumb but because most young women out there want to get married and start making children without having a good financial income or a good job that could provide enough for their families. This is how gullible and sad we truly are.

Wake up Africans and say NO to early marriages. 
Say NO to poverty. 
Say NO to idleness. 
Say NO to inappropriate traditions and religious beliefs and say NO to child abuse! 

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