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Teaching African History In School's Importance


First, why are African histories not taught in our schools? You do hear about History Subject in most African schools but the only history that are known are about names of the Presidents and Governors with uncertainties surrounding the nation building. 
To research or dig into the actual African history, it's always hard for most teachers. The students are not taught the history about their origin.

Africans failed themselves by not valuing reading, also not valuing research and work adventures. Everyone is after money but not knowledge. Yet, we are still one of the poorest of the continents of the world with unimaginable population.

Why must we Africans ignore our history and origin. We left them to be told by Europeans who invade our African continent. They portray Africans in their own views and understanding. If not for the internet age, majority of the WEST till date still see Africa as one hell of a place  covered with bushes and of worse infested-like areas of a Ghetto.

Have we ever ask the reason behind Europeans invasion of Africa? These foreigners often visit Africa to extort, to study our cultures, research on our ancient history, take our pictures and publish their findings whether accurate or not, even to the extent of digging our old graves for pursuit of natural mineral resources and for favourable evidences.

Most of the Europeans would channel their foundations to Africa so as to earn money through donations. The foreigners benefit alot from Africans because they know that we don't value our origin and cultures. We allowed foreigners to lobby Africans because we are ignorant about our own existence. Then I ask again, why do foreigners have so much interest in digging into African history? Why would they hide most facts about Africa and tell the world half truth about Africa especially using media to their own advantage only.

Now for Africans, how many of us have carved out time to research on the slavery and or the colonization of Africa. What was the initial foreigner's intentions for colonizing African continent and what brought about slavery into Africa.

African history ought to be taught in schools because every African child deserve to be enlightened about his or her origin. Every African child deserve to know the truth about the ancient history in Africa. If we continue to ignore our stories, we'll never know our worth as Africans.


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