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Suffering with Smiles

When you turn to a beggar in a land that is so blessed and rich just because the leaders are selfish and greedy.

Silent Sufferings and Survival Struggles...

A particular Nation in Africa is like a heavy stone that rolled down to a side walk path thereby preventing the citizens from passing through to the other brighter side. The politicians, leaders and the rich elites have decided to pass through the stony lanes with helicopters, leaving the poor masses in dark, while trying to at least take a view of that brighter side.  WE elect our leaders for them to help us push the heavy stone so that everyone would have access to that bright good life cos the Nation has already been blessed with enough minerals and a lot of natural resources that no single citizen ought to suffer if only the wealth of nation had been harnessed appropriately. But the leaders, once they win the elections and are willed into power, they'd decide to cheat and steal from the poor masses that put them into power. They embezzle and store wealth for their own children and grand children, leaving the poor citizens' children to starve and roam around streets.

Yes, why won't corruption be at high rate? Even the political leaders (governments) are the ones with the first class corruption degrees. They use tribalism and religion to instigate hate between the citizens. The political leaders encourage war, hatred and terrorism just to win power. The Hausas , one of this Nation's tribes are against the Igbos and the Igbos are fighting for freedom and the Yoruba's are not making moves to help anyone. Is this how WE can move forward to carve and create something out for this Nation?

Until WE join hands together and push the heavy stone aside, there would be no passage to the brighter side. No passage to development. No passage to job opportunities. No passage to a better living in this Nation. Until we join hands together and fight these corrupt leaders, there will be no hope for the poor citizens of this Nation.

Most people are suffering in silence, more than 60 percent of the Nation are starving. Imagine where an old woman is hawking, likewise, the little children. Imagine where a government can not build, provide and create good opportunities for the younger ones. They are laughing and enjoying with empty pockets, while WE, the poor  are struggling for survival in a Nation filled with honey and love, yet we are happy and yet we travel abroad for shopping and vacations with such temerity and with no concerns. Only heavens can save this Nation in Africa.


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