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Introduction to the Chore

Let's talk about the great African Continent with diverse cultures and complexity... 

In nature, Africa is one of the largest continent with human diversity and cultural differences.

Yes, most African cultures are as old as human existence and let's not forget that humans first started existing in Africa. This means that most African cultures are dated to the beginning of human revolution...even though some scholars tried to contest about it. 

This also made other developed Nations in the world to regard African cultures as backward and as barbaric in lifestyle.

Let's remind ourselves that, every Nations in the world, also have their own cultures and traditions regardless how developed or how civilized that Nation could be.

This gave rise to our mission to promote and present all African cultures in an enhanced and modernized forms that would enlighten people about African origin.

Also, we are done with foreigners digging into our cultures and history, telling African stories in every manners that suit their perspectives and understanding.

African history is best when told by Africans because Africa is our home and we understand our mysteries more than our Invaders.

African continent is too complex and foreign Invaders are yet to fully learn the whole history about mysterious Africa...a great Continent.

This is the time for Africans to tell their own stories as raw as the facts could be.

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