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Have we failed as True Africans ?

We have chosen Western lifestyles that we barely think about what makes us AFRICANS.

Most parents no longer value the ancient method of parenting because we believe that those olden system of upbringing is outdated.

Yes, in every part of the world there's always new styles and new beliefs that grow among every generation. 
In as much as we still believe in culture, there are some timeless cultures that we don't have to ignore or allow to die off or be forgotten.

There are so many cultures that ought to be refined or enhanced in order to suit our new way of living or meet up with the standard of current lifestyle everyone dwells on nowadays.

For instance, Moonlight stories, even in Western world... parents tell their children bedtime stories or read for them before going to bed.

But Africans, to whom were being taught by their forefathers the culture of telling stories under Moonlight, are gradually kicking that system aside. Most African modern parents can't even recall most of those ancient stories and history anymore... because they don't value that culture.

Why it appears we failed as Africans cos we don't dig into or research our history. We allow the foreigners to dig into our existence and publish whatever findings they think, whether they're accurate or not. This is why it mostly portrays Africans as inferior and backward people.

Most Africans hardly read, not to mention researching on their origin. We don't know our root and we don't know how we came into existence. We don't know the achievements of our forebearers before colonization. We don't even know the negative effects these have on African continent after the inhumane Atlantic Slavery, when Africans are been treated like animals both in plantation farms in the European continent, to the trip where they were stacked in ships, and how they were being kidnapped. We don't even know about the real African hero's and heroines, who fought slavery and the colonization.

Even worse, most of us don't know that Africa was twice colonized by Arabs and Europeans. Africa was heavily influenced by Arabic and European Invaders. And here we are today even divided further the more and we distance ourselves from each other. Africans do see themselves as strangers due to influences from other different continents of the world.

We indeed seemed to have failed as Africans because our African history are not taught in schools. This is one of the reasons we are ignorant about our existence. Ancient African histories ought to be taught in African schools. Not just teaching about names of Presidents and governors, when we don't even know our origin as Africans.

There are real histories that every African child ought to be enlightened or be conversant with.

From generation to generation, we keep ignoring how or what makes us AFRICANS because we value and imitate more of the foreign lifestyles.

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