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Developed Nations do Immitate African Culture


During slavery, most Africans that were sold into slavery crossed the Atlantic Ocean with their cultures which they practiced while working in plantations for their European Masters.

Carlota Lukumi a Yoruba woman that was kidnapped from Nigeria and sold into slavery, communicated with other slaves through Talking Drum. Their Master didn't understand the message that was passed on, but other African slaves understood what she said with the talking drum.

Another woman that also travelled with her culture was Queen Nanny, she was also kidnapped from Ghana and forced to the European where she worked in plantations with other slaves. She practiced her native religion in the Europe which made her European Masters call her a witch.

Other cultures that African slaves introduced in the European Nations are Music, Dancing, most African food, religion and other cultures we practice here in Africa. The Europeans also do visit Africa to learn all these cultures and mix them with their own lifestyle.

Most developed Nations imitate African cultures like dancing, singing and other cultural activities. There are so many African arts that are still stored away in the European Nations.

During slavery and colonization, the Europeans made us to understand that African cultures are backward and unacceptable, yet African continent was colonized due to the abundant Natural Resources and other factors that yielded and is still yielding more benefits to the European colonial Masters.

These days, African continent has become the center for new Discoveries and Adventures. Our traditional fashions have become the center of attraction. Our hairstyles are now seen around the world. Our traditional accessories are now valued more in the Western Nations.

Nonetheless, another form of knowledge... mostly from the Europeans, has eaten deep in us Africans that we don't value our originality but we prefer the Western lifestyles.

The mentality of Africans being lowest or inferior among other Nations has become a stain that can never be washed away.

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