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About Us

Chore digitals in partnership with Austa Magazine, teamed up to bring to you the hidden facts about African historical events and ancient heroes/heroines.

We are here to enlighten young Africans about the things that are not taught in schools. Also, to promote African cultures. This is to let the world know that we have rich cultures that even other developed Nations imitate from.

Africans are blessed in every aspects of life right before the times the European Nations enslaved and colonized Africans...we were instigated with the knowledge that Africa is a poor continent with inferior people but its high time we told our own stories as they are squarily and unalloyed.

If Africa is really poor, why did Europeans colonized the whole Africa leaving only 2 countries?

Let's surprise the world with beautiful, richly endowed African cultures, African natural resources, histories and African's lifestyles.

Yes, we could be poor but we are the most blessed among other Nations. If you doubt me, stick to this blog and let's educate you on the things you ought to know since you were in school while history'd prevail.

As Africans...let's pick our pieces and make ourselves greater by engaging our younger yet to come generation to the knowledge and facts about our complete existence.

Let's be proud of our mother land... AFRICA.

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